Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Matic Chopper CUSTOM

In the event the motor modifications, known as Djarum Black MOTODIFY many ideas and creativity show the results of the modifiers contained in the motor of course not only that there is also the modifiers that creates a new innovation and has never existed. In the event DBM 2010 which is still ongoing at this time there is one that uses a CD-matic motor to turn the motor driver, really a new innovation that might have never existed. Honda Vario is a type of motor that has undergone a change of 8 times is owned by Ari Agustianto, changes to the final vote Chopper concept.

If it's something that is desired hobby-related hobbies that would have happened just as what dialamai by Ari, his love of motor modifications make himself was never absent in the event modifications. Unmitigated is already the third time he and his bike took part in the arena of DBM. On this occasion he brought the concept of Chopper which is poured into the motor matic made in 2006, not without reason Ari iron steeds change from automatic to a chopper for more shows kemachoannya as men. "Want to look cowonya," said Ari said, smiling.

Armed with keahlihannya in the world of modified motorcycles, everyday guy who works as a modifier is to apply two new innovations in the form of hydraulic and gas ignition using the CD Room. "There is turned to withdraw gas transmission hydraulic same room that wrote excellent CD from this bike," said Ari. The changes now going on his motor is the result of his own ideas and almost any device that is designed based on self-made or hand made.

Custom become the only option to change the look of Ari body or frame as a whole while the engine is still relying on the default engine Vario. Meanwhile, the legs Ari choose a custom front and spare parts from Nissin in the back. In order to appear more firmly fixed to 2 types of wheels and different sizes of Enkei ring 18 in front and Evolution 14 inch as the rear occupants, and many more changes in this matic motor. With a long processing time of 3 months he was very ambitious to want to claim the title "The Best Black Bike Djarum Black MOTODIFY Solo 2010.


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