Monday, June 28, 2010


V-BELT CVT HONDA VARIO AND SKYWAVEsubstitution skubek components there are also unique. This occurred between Honda Vario and Suzuki Skywave. Mechanical test results obtained prove the relationship between the two skubek berbodi this bongsor.

"First try v-belt between Vario and Skywave. The size or length of the same," said A Sin, Mili Moto mechanical workshop on Jl. Long, No. 6C, Kelapa Dua, West Jakarta.

Of the same size that is the basis. "The difference is in the form of ribbed belt so curious to exchange our life," continued A Sin that we do not have the same relationship that salt.

When trying to compare, ribbed on the Vario is a smaller belt. "Who's belt Skywave more evident when compared with obese Vario belt," said the mechanic who actually subscribed ini.4749cvt moge community-vario-skywave-Adib-2.jpg

Given these differences there are also certain effects produced when the exchange was, and proven. "Vario better standards of life have a SkyDrive, either for initial attraction or lap top," beber this medium-bodied men.

But, if you have the Vario is used in standard Skywave felt no significant effects. "In fact, seemed to weaken or become slow," said the short-haired man.

"It means that if Skywave innards had been replaced, it is more suited to the belt which has a smaller serrations or skinny," said a man who also mechanic house calls for large motor business.

What about price? From the price list in the spare-parts dealer, then have a more expensive Honda Vario. Vario Belt dilego at USD 130 thousand price range. While the tag of belt Skywave only USD 108 thousand.


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