Friday, June 11, 2010


Semi Racing Motorcycle Tires Why our Mizzle Tires are called Semi Racing Tires? The reason is that we want to incorporate the benefits of racing tire into day-to-day rides. With special Mizzle Technology, our aim is to create a motorcycle tire that comfortable, safe, and could be perform well up in high speed. Thus, we combine some of the best characteristics of both tyres types for our customer. The 1st Tubeless Motor Tires in Indonesia Mizzle tubeless tires were the 1st tubeless motorcycle tires produced in Indonesia. With more than a decade experiences in tubeless tires, we always strive to enhance our design and tubeless technology for the benefit of our customers. Modern Technology Mizzle technologies are using the highest quality compound and construction to create motorcycle tires which could perform well under high speed and every road condition – dry or wet. We use special rubber compound by French Technology, Anti Crack Sidewall, and Dual Balancer Pattern. The Compound ensures excellent handling and outstanding braking control. The specialized compund formulas provide exceptional grip on dry and wet surfaces without sacrificing durability. Highly effective in wet roads but practical enough for everyday use. Anti Crack Sidewall makes the tyres stronger to hold weight if the tires are less wind or flat. In addition, higher rigidity in sidewall area increases grip in the corners and protect you more againts the road abuses. Dual Balancer Pattern gives excellent grip in every condition of the weather. Our tread pattern designs always aim for the most efficient drainage on wet surface while maintaining the performance on dry surface as near as slick tyres


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