Friday, June 4, 2010


NEW HONDA SCOOPY 2010The provides a limited opportunity to several online automotive media, including, for testing the latest skutik, Scoopy, appearing retro. For this, Honda offers three units in accordance with the color Scoopy marketed and have been tried up to 170 km. This skutik acceleration of 0-70 km / hr. In the early stages or start a little bit slow. Once the speed reaches 20 km / h, skutik added grip aggressive with the gas continues to be withdrawn. Unfortunately, this sprint ability could not be measured. But, certainly, for the 110th cc engine, the ability of this fashionable skutik very adequate. Control tools easy to operate. The position of the hands of a good rider. Leisure okay when traveling at 40-50 km / h on a road surface that is not too smooth. Foot position driver is good and not too touch to the front shield. Brake is also steadily despite not equipped like the Vario Techno CBS.


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