Tuesday, June 22, 2010


FOTO HONDA PCXHonda Personal Comfort Xaloon (PCX), thus the name of this product, aiming at premium niche fee that is rarely taken by competitors AHM.
This market is even smaller, only 0.5 percent, but Honda sure this is a segment of a fairly high demand by the motor user.
"We are targeting this product will be sold as many as 250 units per month, consumers who buy a Honda PCX will also have post-purchase service is satisfactory in some special branch which has been prepared AHASS, this in order to maintain the premium quality that we offer," said Yusuke Hori, President Director of AHM, at the launch, Wednesday, June 16, 2010.
Yusuki claims, privileges Honda PCX lies in high technology that has not been adopted by other skutik in Indonesia, the idling stop system. Sophistication of this technology is the engine shut down temporarily after skutik stop three seconds. Then, the driver only needs to pull the gas lever to switch it back. This new technology was first applied to a skutik.
With a 125 cc engine power injection PGM-FI, this allows the motor to save fuel and environmentally friendly. PCX Honda also has other strengths, namely the built-in liquid cooled engine that will stabilize the temperature, so as to accelerate the maximum but still efficient for the long journey.
Indonesia is the fourth country to become skutik luxury market, after Thailand, Japan, and Europe. Although its products are still made in Thailand, AHM could membanderol USD 32 million (on the road especially Jakarta).
AHM hoped the presence of PCX which is marketed with three color choices can strengthen the Honda brand in Indonesia as a pioneer in advanced technology in the motorcycle segment skutik.
"We have been able in the PCX-indent through our outlets in Jakarta Fair (PRJ), but we do not give discounts for premium products such as PCX," said Executive Vice President Director of PT AHM Loman.


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