Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Flap on the tank Equipped with a flap, adding style and ease manufer. DIGITAL Console Fuel indicator and digital speed. Provide clear and accurate information. Sporty exhaust Adding style and equipped with a heat protector. DTS-Si Engine technology with two spark plugs that have been patented by Bajaj, produces a very efficient vehicle fuel. RIDE CONTROL This sophisticated feature works to set the ideal vehicle speed, so the fuel consumption becomes more efficient. EXHAUS TEC Technology in the exhaust system to provide more torque at low RPM rotation, so that motorists do not need to pass the transmission too often. Xtra COMFORTABLE Wheelbase (1275mm) Optimal wheelbase provides stability at high speeds and cornering. Rear suspension SNS type (Dual Spring) with 5 position adjustment provides comfort for various road and load conditions. Front suspension Using a telescopic fork for comfort and optimum driving stability. Xtra SECURE Taillight LED systems are adopted from motor sport, providing a clear lighting and minimal use of electrical current. Halogen headlamps With a DC system to give maximum light and lighting at night.


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