Thursday, June 10, 2010

Auto Trend Nissan GT-R SpecM

Nissan Motor Corp (NMC) was so proud of the GT-R. Imagine, this year they have developed the sport sedan and produces two variants, each GT-R SpecV and SpecM. Even the final exhibition will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show, Japan, the end of this gtr spec m photo
Nissan GTR specmNissan GTR 2009Nissan 2009
Nissan GT-R R35 was introduced late 2007. Until now, NMC has made improvements. Result, this year they have two GT-R models, namely SpecV and SpecM, which was introduced at different times. Kazutoshi Mizuno development project leaders as not many comments about the sports car.

Clearly, the GT-R next year SpecV marketed only for the domestic market (Japan). Because this car for speed enthusiasts, the focus of reform is done by reducing the weight, use of a new suspension system, and improvement on the wheel, the new program in the form of Transmission Control Module (TCM), and dual clutch transmission with 6-speed.


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