Friday, June 11, 2010


Motorcycle tire lifetimes can be extended, if can be kept and treated properly. And use the maximum to 1.5 years. Feasibility of its use can be seen from the plot and is indicated by looking at the limit of TWI (tread wear indication) was written on the side of ban.Mahar Dasori Marjono and tire manufacturers in Indonesia to explain the cause of tire damage and deserves to be kept by the owner of the motor. Mahar Marjono, Promotion Section Head PT Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries gives some examples of treatments that can shorten the life. First, the wind pressure is not appropriate recommendations. Pressure does not fit, he said would affect the stability of motion of the motor. "Instead, pressure is checked every three days," he said. Second, sokbreker conditions. Check for any leaks or is already weak because of disturbing the balance of body pressure. Consequently, the body is so inclined and heavy motor vehicle wheels resting on the soknya weak. Other effects, in part terbean tires wear faster. For users rim radius, it is advisable to use the rim tape. Function, protecting the inner tube from puncture the fingers. Third, Dasori, PT Gadjah Tunggal tire specialist suggested, not too often use the standard side. In addition to tires, so the left pedestal, also made quick left sokbreker damaged. Fourth, Mahar message, do not park on the location mmotor direct heat. Because the basic material of the tire, rubber shock when exposed to direct ultraviolet light can accelerate tire violence. As a result, the tire so easily brittle. Fifth, avoid contaminated with harmful chemicals. As oil and petrol, when exposed to quickly wipe it off with water.


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