Monday, May 3, 2010

Failed GT racing prototype racer cars

Dauer 962 Le Mans - Built on ex-race 962 chassis, but completely reworked and in many cases even more powerful than in race mode, with 730hp it took the record for fastest road car in the world with 2.6secs 0-100kph and a topspeed of 404kph, but due to legal issues it never was really recognized. Probably my only really dream car.
Donkervoort D8 GT - First coupe version of the Lotus/Caterham Seven ever made!!! Made in aluminium and carbon fiber body with Audi power its a rocket and looks like something out of the terminator. All the pleasure of a 7 without getting a pneumonia.
De Tomaso Mangusta - The devil in the shape of a car. Built to beat the Cobra it remained in the dark although its is capable of matching a Daytona and a Miura in performance. Its a hybrid cuz it matches italian design with US muscle in the form of a 289ci V8 Hi-Po (euro version, US got a detuned 302ci unit)
Ferrari 500 Superfast - A 1960´s monster, it remained the most powerful Ferrari for along time, even when it ceassed to be produced, its V12 spited out 400hp, it had the largest tyres of the time in a road car, it was expensive has a hell, I love it.
Failed GT racing prototype, later sold to special clients, fast has f***, but factory didnt want to waste time, money and effort that could be aplied to Formula 1. One client got his engine upgraded to over 900hp naturaly aspired but forbidden by the factory to race it.


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