Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 2010 Acura TSX

Acura takes another leap in expanding the TSX label this year by launching it as a wagon in fall of 2010. Just like the previous years, the new TSX will be marketed only in Canada and North America and slowly European markets will be flooded with the new Acura wagon.
The 2010 Acura TSX will also be sold under the Accord Euro label in Australia and New Zealand later on. As far as the standard TSX model is concerned, it will incorporate very few changes in terms of specs and design. Last year, Acura TSX had received a couple of inches increase in its length and 1.3inches in its wheelbase; this year it is not sure as to whether Acura/Honda plans on increasing the dimensions any further.
The current TSX already boasts of being one of the longest cars in the Acura lineup. So, there are good chances that nothing except the wheelbase would change; probably a little increase in overall length may well be on the cards (though there are no indications right now).
As far as the standard features are concerned, there'll be very little change too, though it would be interesting to see how Acura plans on furnishing its wagon; whether all the features will be standard offerings increasing the base price, or only the higher end trims will be costlier, presenting the true capabilities of the TSX. The exact pricing for the wagon model are yet to be officially unveiled by Honda/Acura, and it will be quite interesting to see the response of the customers to the latest offering.


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