Friday, April 9, 2010

MINI Cooper Convertible

MSRP: $23,900 - $34,300

For those unfamiliar with the brand, the2009 MINI Cooper Convertible a two-door2009 MINI Cooper Convertible that, despite recent size increases, is still one of the smallest vehicles available for sale in the United States. The 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible and its naturally aspirated base model brother hide their diminutive size well, however, thanks to styling that ConsumerGuide says "[brims] with character." The 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible lineup is "available in mild, medium and caliente flavors, officially designated as the Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works edition" models, according to Autoblog reviewers. The styling across the lineup is virtually identical, however, and all three models boast a 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible top that Road & Track says "can be fully opened in just 15 sec. at speeds of up to 20 mph."
In keeping with the all-new theme for this2009 MINI Cooper Convertible a couple of exterior changes materialize. Autoblog points out that "the nose is a bit higher and rounder, but still utterly familiar and instantly recognizable as a 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible" Motor Trend also reports that the 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible "silhouette seems longer and sleeker, although no change to its length has been made." Rather, the roofline has been lowered and the side windows enlarged, which gives the 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible the slightly more aerodynamic look. One feature that carries over from the previous generation of 2009 MINI Cooper Convertibleis the sunroof function of the2009 MINI Cooper Convertible top. Autoblog reviewers find that if you "press the switch above the mirror...the portion of the roof above the front seats slides back," leaving the rear roof in place but opening up the cabin directly above the front occupants.
Interior styling on the 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible lineup can vary wildly according to personal preference, as Automobile Magazine reports "more than a dozen interior trim choices," including "two- or three-spoke steering wheels." Some reviewers surveyed by continue to be turned off by ending quest for retro styling; for example, Motor Trend mentions the "questionable ergonomics" of the interior. The most dominant characteristics of the2009 MINI Cooper Convertible interior, like that of the rest of the lineup, is the "center-mounted speedometer" that reviewers report is the same as the one found in the hardtop model (first-gen 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible had their own unique speedometers).


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