Friday, April 9, 2010

Maserati Gran Turismo

Maserati Gran Turismo 2009

MSRP: $117,500 - $135,000

Reviewers from all types of publications express unanimous approval of the exterior design of the new Maserati GRAV TURISMO 2009 Road & Track calls the sporty coupe a "stylish Italian grand tourer that through the judicious application of high technology has the heart of a true sporting machine." Car and Driver reviewers simply refer to the Maserati GRAV TURISMO 2009as "a Modenese masterpiece." For those not familiar with the Maserati GRAV TURISMO 2009GranTurismo, Edmunds describes it as "a four-passenger grand touring coupe available in two trim levels—base and S." From the exterior, there is little to distinguish between the two models; Motor Trend notes that the "visual mods are subtle" and limited to "a small spoiler on the rear deck, revised rocker panels, and a black grille and headlamp casings" for theMaserati GRAV TURISMO 2009 S. Other than those changes, Edmunds says theMaserati GRAV TURISMO 2009GranTurismo lineup "looks like nothing else on the road—in a very good way." The word that the automotive press used most commonly used to describe theMaserati GRAV TURISMO 2009 is "seductive," and the editors at can't agree more.
TheMaserati GRAV TURISMO 2009 features an elegant and luxurious design inside the cabin as well, although there are a few problems with control placement. The most glaring flaw is called out by Road & Track reviewers, who say that "you have to be positive in stabbing the brake pedal—it is positioned close to the gas pedal to facilitate heel-and-toe operation of the manual versions of the S and you can be caught out by applying both the brake and throttle if you're not careful." The other major complaint comes from ConsumerGuide, where testers feel that "the standard navigation system is a nightmare of nonsensical buttons and knobs...requiring lengthy study before use." On the positive side, Car and Driver considers the "ergonomics are mostly the antithesis of Italian tradition," with the driver placed "in proper relationship with primary and secondary controls," although they point out that "the signal and wiper stalks were a little too far away." Overall, however, reviewers tend to side with Edmunds, which remarks that the Maserati GRAV TURISMO 2009 GranTurismo's "leather-cased interior is warm, inviting and highly customizable," with a "driving position [that] is first-rate."


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