Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Future Cars Bentley SenseS

The Beast:
Bentley SenseS is a futuristic car concept that aims to integrate the driver and his vehicle as one with the help of genetic engineering, biotechnology and artificial intelligence. The concept car is unique and special and is custom crafted to match the needs of each individual user. The car grows and learns along with its driver and becomes a machine that recognizes the needs, emotion and feelings of its driver without any external assistance.
The Machine:
Designed by Arturo Peralta, this concept Bentley of the future roads portrays a flowing design and a wonderful aerodynamic body that reduces the wastage of energy. The SenseS attempts to make a connection with its driver and in course of time recognize him and understand all his feelings and emotions. Rather than being a car, it acts more like your loyal steed and becomes a part of your daily drive.


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