Wednesday, May 20, 2009


F1ZR DUB CITYcombination of three streams of brush, modification, and IBE. is F1ZR DUB CITY MODIFICATION,
DMC retainer (Delta Motor Co) devour the entire color
in the uniform plastic Shogie 04 stitches with graphic motifs.
Using materials of painting ritual candytone
pengemalan beginning with overlapping lines. "STRIPPING YAMAHA F1ZR"
Not only the cover just a tattooed man,
other parts of the engine cover to sectors such as the front foot
who fronted the thighs up side down
and multi calipers aseso berciet kawak ninja.
6 seeds calipers aft orsi crammed with variety and ajrutan
Moto R swing arm can not escape from the spray tip pen brushku.
and coating the paint with a finishing blinken.

Spec Modification:

Rim: Orbital Wheel System,
Tako: Type-R,
Shoc Hind: Moto-R,
Lamp box: Alien,
Behel: Charisma,
Karbu: Multi,
Airbrusher: Virgo Artono Sukowono jember,
Modifikator: West Custom JL.Rasa Mala Jember,
Club: WMC Western Motor Community.


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